Ortsbo to Provide Worldwide Access to Barclays Center

Ortsbo Media Room to Engage Media and Fans Worldwide With Unprecedented Access to Pre/Post-Event Coverage

BROOKLYN / TORONTO (March 15, 2012) –– Imagine a sports and entertainment arena designed to provide unprecedented online access to fans around the world. This is the vision of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the future home of Nets Basketball and more than 220 events a year. Pre/post-event coverage will now be accessible to an audience worldwide through a first-of-its-kind, exclusive partnership with Ortsbo Inc. — the leader in online and social media language services—using the state-of-the-art Barclays Center Ortsbo Media Room. The viewing experience will launch when the arena opens on September 28, 2012.

Utilizing Ortsbo’s Live & Global platform, Barclays Center will offer live webcasts and chat participation before and after various arena events using an online video stream called Barclays Center TV (BCTV). By leveraging the Ortsbo platform, Barclays Center will be creating two-way, socially engaging experiences that bring the arena to the world and the world to the arena.

BCTV will include real-time text captioning in any one of 53 broadcast languages of choice, turning happenings at Barclays Center into a universally accessible, globally shared experience. The video stream will also feature a multilingual host reporting live from various arena events, with the opportunity for viewers to pose real-time questions to the host via an interactive chat platform.

“We are thrilled to be creating a global portal that will let every single fan digitally attend pre and post Barclays Center events, regardless of their location or language,” said David Lucatch, CEO of Ortsbo Inc. “The Ortsbo Media Room, with our suite of multi-lingual translation and communication services, will bring members of the media and fans right to the arena floor, live, like

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never before, allowing them to use social media to engage with press coverage and post-event happenings.”

“Enhancing our facility with Ortsbo technology perfectly aligns with our goal of creating a global building,” said Chris Brahe, Senior Vice President of Partnership Sales and Marketing for Nets Basketball. “We are excited to invite fans worldwide into Barclays Center to watch and interact with the most elite performers and athletes, such as musical artists, boxers during pre-fight weigh-ins, or college basketball coaches.”

As part of the Barclays Center-Nets/Ortsbo alliance, Ortsbo will power its Live & Global monthly chat sessions with Nets coaches.

For more information about Barclays Center and upcoming events, please visit www.barclayscenter.com. To learn more about Ortsbo and the Live & Global Platform, go to www.ortsbo.com.

Ortsbo Press Contact: Mary Campe


Barclays Center/Nets Press Contact: Barry Baum
718-942-9533 bbaum@brooklynse.com